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09/05/2017 By Dave Higginson

Dave's Blog - 9th May 2017

I did a War Room shift yesterday, and got to thinking how we (Project Leaderites that is) can add more value to what we offer to our
customers. We are in the enviable position of being held in high regard by the industry. We must be, otherwise we would not be engaged to do what we do.

We need to offer more. One of the ways that we can do this is to engage in debate with our peers, particularly those within Network Rail
and understand what their ‘worldview’ is about what the railway looks like in the future. What does the ‘digital railway’ really mean? Is it just about
operations, or is there something much more.

The long and deep culture and tradition of the railway is ‘mission critical’ in bringing the industry to where we are today. I can’t help
thinking though that in some ways it holds us back in innovation and improving the passenger experience. I guess we need both the tradition and the innovation to move forward in improving productivity whilst maintaining the almost impeccable safety record. At times these are very strange bedfellows.

At our next team meeting I want to explore the opportunities for adding value. Let’s be clear, I’m not really talking about step changes here, but more sequential and sustainable improvements and innovations in what we do to add value to our customers.

Back to the war room shift – The possession was successfully handed back this morning with no overrun, but there is no doubt in my mind that we could have done a lot more work without risking the operational service. We are nowhere near being economic and efficient in what we do.

Be safe and have a good week


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