Project Leaders 1st Summer Barbeque

06/08/2019 By Simrah Ahmad

On Saturday 6th of July 2019 Project Leaders organised a barbeque. They invited all employees, contractors, and their families.

The weather was nice, it was a sunny day but not too hot, so it was good to be outdoors.

The venue was The Old Cranleighan’s Rugby Ground in Thames Ditton and there was lots of space to run around and play games. The venue had a clubhouse with a bar and a patio area, which is where we all sat for the barbeque. There was a large grassy area where we set up some games to play. We set up swing ball, rounders, we had water guns, badminton and you could go exploring. When the adults were talking, we found that you could take a walk in the woods. So, when we found the entrance, we took a walk. To get in the right side, you had to cross a plank of wood. After, we walked on a pathway, and we found that there was an exit close to a swing that you could hold on to and it would lift you from your feet and you would swing.it was made from a rope with a loop that you would put your hand in. then you would run and grab it and you would swing.

We were given Project Leaders Stainless Steel Water bottle, so we could stop using plastic ones – and we used them for our drinks, like J2O, Coke, Fanta and juice for the younger children. The adults got their drinks from the bar. People started to arrive at about 3’o clock. When they arrived, everyone was introduced to each other. There were lots of people, and their families.

The centre piece for the food was a spit-roasted lamb, which was served with roast potato, salad, and coleslaw, and there were also burgers and falafel wraps.

What I enjoyed most was that some people started playing badminton, which quickly turned into them playing with the water guns. I joined in and then so did everyone else. Then we all started pouring water on each other when we needed to fill up the water guns.

When people left, we handed out flowers while we said goodbye. I had a really good time, and am looking forward to the next one!

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