Farringdon Close Out

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Farringdon Close Out Farringdon Close Out Farringdon Close Out Farringdon Close Out

Helping Achieve Completion

As the Project was due for completion at the Olympics, the Project team (consisting of a Network Rail Project Management Team, designers, Atkins, and the principal contractors, Costain), was due to disband and move to other projects at this time. As the Olympics drew nearer, it was evident that full completion of the station would not be achieved

– and the project would only achieve substantial completion by this time. Network Rail decided that the best strategy would be to allow the project team to disband, and put together a separate team to close out and handover the station. At this stage, Project Leaders (PLL) became involved to help Network Rail achieve close-out.


Post-Olympics, when PLL involvement began, it became clear that a much bigger task was at hand than expected. Although the station had achieved Substantial Completion prior to the Olympics, large swathes of work had been carried out with temporary assets that would need to be replaced.

Our Solutions

Project Leaders played a crucial part with the Network Rail close out team analysing and investigating the full extent of work that would be required to complete the project, and putting together a robust and coherent plan to complete the works.

We supplied resources that correlated the completed construction on site with the intended design to see what works had not been completed, and then engaged the Principal Contractor to continue and finish these works. Once the works were completed, our resource proceeded to ensure that the work was guided through the correct Quality Control,

in order to achieve the required standard, to handover to the eventual owner. All services (mechanical, electrical, public health, telecommunications) were carried out in an acceptable manner by the Assurance Group, and signed off as accepted.


Project Leaders’ ability to quickly spot issues that had arisen from previous works and rapidly put into place appropriate and effective solutions meant that the project was soon back on track and handed over when it had reached a suitable level of completion.
Project Leaders then managed the handover documentation from Costain through Network Rail engineers, to London Underground for the realisation of benefits of the Project. Project Leaders completed their scope of works in November 2014.

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