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Management Services

Management Services

Our services range from consultancy support for programme managers to the provision of turnkey teams. We emphasise management, change and the provision and use of integrated programme management tools; our solutions are bespoke to suit your company’s needs.

Our approach will always vary by assignment; from challenging the status quo of firmly embedded systems in need of change, through to slotting professionals into existing delivery teams where shortfalls (or opportunities!) have been identified.

Whichever approach we adopt, Project Leaders always ensures that what we deliver is compatible with existing systems and processes, thereby ensuring your operational continuity.

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Control Services

Control Services

Programme Control is a key service and we have in-depth experience of large-scale capital projects. We provide support and leadership to all management levels, drawing on our extensive knowledge of standard systems such as Primavera, Pertmaster, Active Risk Manager, and Artemis, as well as ERP applications.

In the area of Risk and Value Management, we are able to provide a variety of services from the ongoing management of existing systems, through the development of bespoke models, or the implementation of new risk management procedures where large scale changes are necessary.

The Project Leaders approach ensures that adequate headroom is maintained to address the day to day events as well as the 'unknown unknowns'.

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Operational Management

Operational Management

Project Leaders truly excels here with experience and innovation our real strengths.  We make sure that business operations are efficient with optimal resource usage. Project Leaders is effective in delivering to meet clients’ requirements and adept at managing the processes which result in effective outcomes. The result is a very satisfied client.

We may set up an operational ‘War Room’ to manage tightly critical points in the operational cycle.  We will also make sure that correct levels of planning and monitoring are in place to measure the impact that change is having on the Business.

We may re-engineer processes to improve operational outcomes but we may also implement robust, innovative and practical solutions to increase outcomes.  Solutions are briefed out to the business and they become embedded as consistent and sustainable.

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Frontline Planning

Frontline Planning

We understand how projects work in real-time and know how to prepare for all conceivable eventualities. However, there is only so much that can be done from an office that is miles away from the front-line of works once they commence. We pride ourselves on our hands-on involvement, willingness and endeavor in the delivery of your project, as such, we offer the option of bringing the planning service to you.

The Mobile Planning Office (MPO) is a state-of-the-art 33ft planning bus that can be taken to delivery sites. Inside there are conference facilities for 4-6 people. We can also deliver educational sessions, such as key 15 minute sessions and material to front-line staff to educate them on key safety messages, contingency planning, reporting and Q&A sessions.

By bridging the wider principles of planning to the front-line with the MPO we can better educate the front-line staff, improve decision making and ultimately achieve better outcomes.

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How We Do It

Project Leaders advocates that leadership allows for effective control by utilising two principles:

Asking the questions, receiving the answer and validating the response (QAV)

Treating the subject matter correctly, ensuring the output is accurate and validating this output (CAV).

This simple but effective approach forms our methodology, coupled with an unyielding focus which drives results. Project Leaders’ approach translates leadership of management by allowing the functional teams to follow procedures through natural choice. 

Where are you trying to get to?

Ensure you are working from the latest strategy. Is it agreed? Do you understand it? Can you interpret it so as to describe your destination in the short, medium and long-term?

How will you get there?

In order to know which direction to head in you need to know your destination and your current position. Do you understand your current state? Do you know and understand what initiatives you currently have running, or have planned?

Can you identify and quantify the  goals, drivers, benefits, inter-dependencies and status? Have you set short, medium and long-term directions in order to reach your short, medium and long-term destinations?

Are we all heading in the same direction?

This step focuses on initiatives that are not aligned to your chosen direction. Can they easily be realigned? What are the costs and other consequences of doing so? Where are the major residual gaps?

Are we all working on the most important things?

The portfolio of change needs to be prioritised and optimised.  Prioritise individual initiatives on the basis of: Alignment, Contribution, Feasibility

Are we working effectively?

The final stage, “M”, in the DDAPM journey is the management of the initiatives. However well selected the initiatives, the benefits will only accrue through implementation. The results will only be true benefits if they meet the current needs of the Programme and support the functional teams. It is necessary to revisit regularly the Direction, Alignment and Prioritisation and less frequently the Destination.

Project Leaders believes in a holistic approach, integrating critical dimensions of management as the best way of ensuring the appropriate commitment, progress and generation of real support and benefits.

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